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Fraser Pieri - Fashion Stylist, Creative Consultant & Art Director

Style and creativity has always played a fundamental part of my sanity.

What we wear is a filtered - mostly considered -  intrinsic and extrinsic projection of emotion, mood, experiences, outward awareness and most importantly, personality. Styling garments, for the future, to be worn, to be owned, is to me is that and so much more, a chance to entice feelings, sway rigid thought patterns and change perspective on what we believed we liked. It is the opportunity to show someone something new, and give that person a chance to not only become what they see but to project, or hide, who they are to the world. Fashion styling is ultimately one of the most versatile, frequent and compelling forms of expression. Ultimately, the motivation behind everything I do is to create an ongoing dialect for reconsiderations through the fashion choices we make, subconsciously and consciously alike.

To say dressing well can change your entire outlook would seem a stretch to some, but I would go as far to say dressing well can change your entire life. From music videos to runway shows, from editorial sessions to portfolio works, the impact on what we wear and how we wear it can help elongate memories and shape the parameters of how we categorise ourselves and others, we can be accepted, disapproved, shunned, praised, admired, all in one outfit, all from the eyes of the beholder all in one event. Without exploration through design and style, without the pioneering works of our masters, peers and tutors, trends and faux-pas, we would not be standing naked in the hallway of history staring at our wardrobe stuck in the wonderful mind-combobulation we call, getting dressed.


2021 - 2024

UAL/LCF Fashion Styling and Production

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